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Institutional capacity building

Institutional capacity building enables WDN-U to deliver on its purpose. Through this program, WDN-U seeks to develop and implement a fundraising strategy that will make it sustainable. WDN-U also works to develop, review and implement organizational policies in the area of staffing, management and financial systems and decision making. WDN-U focuses on the following areas to build its institutional capacity:

  • Identifying needs of staff and its board to align empowerment with identified needs;
  • Building the capacity of its board and staff to be effective in fulfilling their roles and obligations;
  • Developing internal systems that improve the organization’s edge and ability to sustain itself, compete and to adhere to professional and acceptable national and international standards expected of not-for profit organizations;
  • Internship program for young people to increase knowledge and skills of young men and women to participate in enhancing gender equality and women’s rights through organized platforms;
  • Providing opportunities for WDN-U members to participate in the organization programs in order to enhance their contribution to the organization in form of expertise, funding and other resources. 

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