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Advocacy and Networking


Advocacy is a core aspect of the work of WDN-U because it enables it to influence laws, policies, programs and budgets of government and other stakeholders to enhance women’s rights and gender equality. WDN-U focuses on the following activities to do advocacy.

  • Developing resources including: papers, handbooks and Guides to equip stakeholders with skills and knowledge in advocacy in order to enhance gender equality and women’s rights.
  • Conducting training for duty bearers and Civil Society Organization (CSO) partners and target beneficiaries of its programs like women councillors, women leagues of political parties, media, faith based organizations, cultural leaders and women and youth organizations and groups in lobbying, advocacy and networking. This aspect of programming enables WDN-U to create skilled beneficiaries of its programs who eventually do advocacy on their own with limited technical assistance.
  • Engaging decision makers on areas for policy and legal reform to enhance women’s rights and gender equality
  • Monitoring progress in implementation of laws and policies relevant for enhancing women’s participation in public life, education and health and engaging with stakeholders on findings;



WDN-U recognizes the importance of working with stakeholders in Civil Society Organizations, its members and Government to achieve its organization objectives. WDN-U therefore identifies institutions, organizations and members it can work with in order to achieve its objectives. To enhance networking it focuses on:

  • Sharing information on its programs through monthly activity reports, quarterly newsletters and annual reports to keep members, organizations and institutions informed about its work
  • Involves stakeholders including government officials, members, leaders of partner organizations in its programs as trainers and mentors;
  • Engages decision makers and CSO partners on a regular basis to inform its programming. Prior to implementing any program, WDN-U conducts pre-visits to target program areas to introduce the program, build networks and support for its programs;
  • Empowers its CSO networks in the districts through working with them to implement and monitor WDN-U programs and by sharing opportunities for joint programming.
  • Establishment of internet hubs in districts of WDN-U programming: New communication tools via the internet provide an excellent opportunity for women to network, share information, mentor each other and to seek for ideas and best practices to address issues affecting their work. WDN-U has established internet hubs in the districts of Arua and Yumbe to enhance networking via internet platforms like face book, email and Twitter.
  • In order to increase networks with women of different ages and to ensure that young women in particular are informed and motivated to become leaders in various fields, WDN-U networks with women caucuses, administrative leaders in the districts and institutions of higher learning to mentor young women in Primary and Secondary Schools and Universities.

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