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Social Accountability

The demand side of governance has become an important aspect for enhancing governance and service delivery. WDN-U integrates civic awareness on the roles and responsibilities of duty bearers, CSOs and citizens in all its social accountability programs.  The program focuses on the following activities:

  • Conducting a needs assessment on the service delivery gaps and governance inefficiencies in the target areas;
  • Training duty bearers, CSO partners and citizens on social accountability and the rights and roles of each stakeholder in enhancing service delivery and governance;
  • Identifying social accountability tools for collecting data to inform engagement between duty bearers, CSOs and citizens;
  • Implementing the social accountability tool;
  • Engaging in dialogue with duty bearers on findings from data collected on the specified sector;
  • Conducting advocacy to create changes to governance and service delivery; and
  • Compiling and sharing best practices and lessons learned on social accountability with government, CSO partners and citizens.

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