About WDN-Uganda Chapter

WDN-U is a membership organisation consisting of women in politics, CSOs, business and academia who offer their expertise, voice and financial support to enhance the achievement of the goals and objectives of the organisation. WDN-U is locally registered as an organisation and affiliated to WDN. It seeks to empower women to pursue activism and leadership in the public sphere to enhance gender equality. Since its establishment in 2011, WDN-U has sought to ensure gender parity in political office by providing capacity building training for women leaders and leagues of political parties in leadership, advocacy, political campaigning, strategic planning and the use of new technology. 

WDN-U has identified challenges faced by women politicians and has developed training modules and handbooks on best practices. At the local level, WDN-U has worked to improve the technological literacy of women elected officials and has trained women councillors in using email, social media and the internet to communicate and network with counterparts, access information and enhance their performance as leaders. WDN-U has estabblished internet hubs in pilot districts for women councillors in collaboration with its local partners. 

WDN-U also empowers citizens and leaders with knowledge and skills necessary to constructively engage in order to find solutions to issues that affect accountability and service delivery in their respective communities.

WDN-U implements role model programs for young women to empower, mentor and coach them to pursue their dreams.


The core values of WDN-Uganda Chapter are:

  1.        Integrity
  2.       Accountability and Transparency
  3.       Appreciation for diverse individual contribution
  4.       Commitment to democratic leadership
  5.       Innovation


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